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Will Contests, Will Challenges, or Will Disputes are legal proceedings that take place in a Probate Court contesting, challenging or disputing the validity of a Will or its wording.

To initiate a Will Contest, usually one or more parties will need to prove that the Will in question does not reflect the actual intentions of the Will maker.

People who would typically undertake a Will Contest would be:

  • Beneficiaries who are named in the will
  • Those who would inherit from the testator if the Will was invalid

'Fairness' is not necessarily grounds for a Will Contest, after all the Will maker has a legal right to dispose of his or her property in any way that is legal. A successful Will Contest needs to positively establish one or more of the following issues...

That the Will maker...

  • was mentally incompetent at the time the Will was drafted and signed
  • was pressured by someone to agree to the terms of the Will
  • was tricked or fraudulently exploited to sign the Will
  • has another Will or trust that would trump this one


  • that the Will was improperly witnessed or signed
  • that an outside party has changed, amended or tampered with the Will

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