Coroners Inquests into Deaths

Coroners Inquests into Deaths

Coroners Inquests into Deaths - Probate Lawyers Directory

A Coroner’s Inquest is a Court hearing where the Coroner considers evidence to determine the identity of a deceased person and the date, place, manner and medical cause of that person’s death.

The usual circumstances necessitating a Coroner’s Inquest occur when a deceased person...

  • dies a violent or unnatural death
  • dies a sudden death the cause of which is unknown
  • dies under suspicious or unusual circumstances
  • dies having not been attended by a medical practitioner within the period of 3 months immediately preceding his or her death
  • dies while under, or as a result of, or within 24 hours after the administration of, an anaesthetic administered in the course of a medical, surgical or dental operation or procedure or an operation or procedure of a like nature, other than a local anaesthetic administered solely for the purpose of facilitating a procedure of resuscitation from apparent or impending death
  • dies within a year and a day after the date of any accident to which the cause of his or her death is or may be attributable
  • dies while in or temporarily absent from a hospital while the person was a resident at the hospital for the purpose of receiving care, treatment or assistance
  • dies in custody of certain government departments

Inquests are generally open to the public and interested parties can be legally represented.

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